Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Book Review - The Address: A Novel by Fiona Davis

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After a failed sewing apprenticeship and consistently disappointing her mother, Sara Smythe has worked her way up to the head housekeeper at a posh London hotel. When an accident occurs, Sara crosses path with Theodore Camden, one of the architects of the grand New York apartment house, the Dakota. Grateful for her help, Theo offers Sara a job as a manager of the Dakota.  Excited about the opportunity to start over and filled with possibility, Sara decides to take the position as the manager of the building. Sara loves that Theo understands her like no one else but, Theo is a married man with three young children.

Bailey Camden is fresh out of rehab and she is eager to start over. She is homeless, jobless and without a penny to her name. Baily is desperate for any opportunity to help showcase her decorating skills. Her grandfather was the ward of Theo Camden but, without the genetic match, Bailey won't be able to get a  part of the Camden's estate. Her cousin, Melinda is Camden's biological great-granddaughter who will inherit everything. When Melinda offers Bailey the job to renovate her lavish Dokata apartment, Bailey jumps at the chance to prove herself. However, the pair has different views on the renovation of the apartment. Melinda wants to make the apartment more modern, while Bailey wants to keep the historic charm.
Sara and Bailey lived over a hundred years apart but, both are tempted and struggle again the excess of their world. Sara struggled with the opulent world ruled by the rich while Bailey struggled with free-flowing drinks and drugs. They both take refuge at the Dakota to find peace.  When Bailey finds a chest with secrets from the past, she realizes everything she thought she knew about her family might be wrong.

I found the book to be an entertaining and easy to read. I love the details about the Dakota and the historic details.  While the book was a good read, I found the story to be a bit predictable. This would be an ideal book for readers who like historical fiction but, not for readers who want to be in suspense.

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