Sunday, November 18, 2018

Book Review - The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff

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In 1946, Grace Healey is trying to move on from her husband's sudden death. On her way to work one morning, Grace stumbles across an abandoned suitcase tucked under a bench. Determined to find the owner, she opens the suitcase and discovers a dozen photographs of different women. On a whim, Grace takes the photographs and leaves the station. 

Grace starts to investigate the women in the photographs. She learns that the suitcase belongs to Eleanor Trigg. Trigg was the leader of a network of female spies who worked during the war. These women were sent to Europe as couriers and radio operators to help the resistance. However, they never returned and their fates a mystery. Grace is determined to find out the truth of the behind the photographs as she feels herself drawn to one of the photographs; a young mother, named Marie. Will Grace be able to determine the truth?

I have read "Ophran's Tale" by the author and loved the book. I thought this book was also good but, I felt like it was missing something. The book was an emotional read and the characters were rendered beautifully. I like that the narration was split between Grace, Eleanor, and Marie. We were able to feel what each character was experiencing. However, the plot was of espionage inside the department, was bland. I thought it would have been much more plot twist and betrayal involved. Overall, a great read for fans of the author. 

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