Saturday, January 4, 2020

Book Review - The Refuge by Ann H. Gabhart

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Darcie and Walter Goodwin decide to join the local Shaker village when a new cholera epidemic hits their area. The Shaker village seems to be immune to the disease and once, the threat passes, the Goodwins will leave the community. During a routine trip into town, Walter is killed in a riverboat accident.

Darcie is devastated by the news and but, she has nowhere else to go. She has no family and money along with being pregnant with a child. The Shaker community is celibate people who believe in marital relationships to be sinful.  Darcie feels isolated and alone because of her pregnancy. However, when Darcie crosses path with Flynn Keller and his daughter, will Darcie be able to find her path to happiness?

This was the first novel I ever read about the Shaker community. I thought some of their ideas were a bit "strange" especially, the procreation portion and referring to our parents as "sister" or "brother". However, I also like many of their ideas, such as, providing a haven for everyone, being an inclusive community, and ensuring everyone having a role to play. I liked all the characters except for one of the characters, who tried to murder someone and nothing happened to her. I liked that each of the characters was flawed but, found someone else or a community to help bring out the best of themselves.

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