Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Colourpop Hopeless Romantic Glitterally Obsessed

Glitter is my true love. As I get older I constantly question if I am too old to wear it. The answer is a resounding NO! No one is too old for glitter. It brings joy and happiness along being a pain in the butt by getting everywhere. I can't tell you how many times days later I find specks of glitter.

This jar of happiness is supposedly body glitter but, I also applied it to my lips, eyebrows, and eyes. The multi-colored glittered has tiny heart-shaped glitter. I loved that I didn't need any additional products to apply this to my eyes and it stayed put for a good portion of the day but, with most eye makeup it did start to melt. The small hearts did poke my skin when it gets into my crease or waterline though.  I love putting on because usually, I get a few smiles from people.

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