Sunday, July 12, 2020

Book Review - The Chain by Adrian McKinty

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It started like every other day, Rachel Klein drops her daughter, Kylie at the bus stop and then starts her day. But when Rachel receives a call from an unknown number her entire world comes crumbling down. The woman who called informed Rachel that she has Kylie bound and gagged. The only way Rachel will ever see her again is if she follows the instructions exactly. 

Rachel will have to pay a ransom and then she will have to find another child to kidnap. The caller tells Rachel that this is no ordinary kidnapping and that her son has also been taken. If Rachel fails to follow the instructions both Kylie and the caller's son will perish. Rachel is now a part of the chain that makes victims turn into criminals while making someone very rich in the process. Will Rachel be able to put her morals aside and commit a horrible act to save her daughter?

The novel had an interesting idea of making distraught parents kidnap someone's kid to save their own. It shows the lengths that a parent would go to save their child's life. I thought the novel was a good read but, it was quite predictable. I thought some of the characters were a bit oblivious and didn't care for any of them.  I look forward to reading other novels by the author.

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