Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Book Review - The Perfect Daughter by D.J. Palmer



Sixteen year old Penny Francone is accused of being a murderer. She was found alone in the victim's apartment covered in the victim's blood and holding the murder weapon. The victim's identity and her relationship to Penny gives Penny the perfect motive for committing the crime. The only thing the jury will need to decide is where Penny will serve out her sentence. Will she be spending the rest of her life in a state mental hospital or a maximum security prison? Her mother, Grace, is still reeling from the sudden death of her husband and now she is grateful that Massachusetts doesn't allow the death penalty. 

Penny is waiting for her trial to start in a mental hospital. She is being treated by Dr. Mitchell McHugh, a psychiatrist who is struggling with his own demons. Grace's determination to understand why her daughter murdered someone helps fuels Mitch's resolve to the family. They try to work together to find the truth behind that night and instead they discover secrets and lies that can tear them apart.

I thought the book was an interesting read with a few twists at the end. I thought the book was a bit slow during the middle parts and I sometimes felt that book would have been better if it was shorter. There was also some side stories that I didn't really care about such as, Jack doing a video documentary on his sister. I understand the author might have included that bit to show why Jack was involved in helping to prove his sister's innocence but, it felt unnecessary. I wish the author spent more time fleshing out the main characters more. Overall, it was a decent read and I would read other books by the author.

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