Sunday, November 20, 2022

Book Review - Wrassle Castle Book 2: Riders on the Storm by Paul Tobin


In the second book in the series, Lydia is moving up in the ranks in the tournament. She feels that victory is in her reach until a villain threatens to ruin her chances. Her best friend is captured and Lydia must decide if she will go or stay.

I though this book was a bit lackluster. I feel like they used the word "wrassle" way too much. It got annoying and I was wondering if the author knew other words. At first, I thought the background bubble noise was funny but, after a few bubbles it was annoying filler that didn't add to the story.  Like the previous book, the scenes can randomly back and forth with no indication. It made the story feel choppy at times. I feel like this second book was a completely unnecessary and the story could have been completed in two book instead of three.

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