Sunday, March 12, 2023

Book Review - Locust Lane by Stephen Amidon


Emerson, Massachusetts is a small suburb town. It's a quiet place where people keep to themselves and follow the rules. When a young women is found dead in the posh part of town, the residents put their guards up and will stop at nothing to protect their own.

When Eden Perry is found dead, investigators feel that the three teenagers she was partying with that night is hiding something. Jack is the son of a prominent lawyer and is from a well liked family. Hannah, Jack's girlfriend, is shy and sweet. Christopher is a newcomer and desperate to fit in with the group. Their parents are desperate to protect them from the investigation and start to complicate matters when they try to push the blame on someone else.

The book started off interesting and then became boring. The book would progress with nothing being added to the story. The story was told from multiple point of views and at first, it was interesting but, then it felt like filler as, none of them actually really knew what happened that night. One of the characters had no purpose and I am not sure why they were included in the story and I had no reaction to their demise other than thinking it was entire pointless. All of the characters were unlikable and frustrating. The ending was disappointing and left me feeling unsettled. I am not sure that I would read another book by the author.

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