Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Book Review - A Dark Interlude by Ryan O'Sullivan


A Dark Interlude by Ryan O'Sullivan is a graphic novel about the pending demise of the human race. The graphic novel follows a nameless hero on his quest to protect Fearscape and the human world from creatures who are born from fear. The story also follows Henry Henry, who doesn’t want his newest book published but someone will stop at nothing to get it published.

The graphic novel mentions that this isn’t a sequel to Fearscape and that they despise authors who create sequels.  However, I feel that there were nuances to the story that I missed because I didn’t read the previous book by this author. The storyline felt confusing and it was hard understanding what was going on and the different characters’ purpose. I felt like I was left with more questions than answers after I finished reading the graphic novel. I didn’t find this graphic novel enjoyable and I wouldn’t read any other books from this series.

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