Monday, May 1, 2023

May 2023 Empties


I thought the best way to start the new month was to do an empty post. I haven't really finish much last month and I been slacking. I am not sure what I was using but it caused me to get a full body and face rash so the last few weeks I been recuperating. I can't wait to start using my new Summer products though. 

I finished a few bars of soap and my favorites were from Bath and Body Works and Varina soaps. Both soaps are creamy and had a generous lather. I like that both soaps had a floral scent. I have tried a few scents from both brands and none of the scents disappoint.

I love the scents from Nectar Bath Treats and I have bought a few products from them recently. However, their Foaming Bath Salts is disappointing. It's almost $9 a tube and I had to use the entire tube before I smelled anything or got any foam. I think I would rather stick to bubble bath.

The Facetory Soothin' Vibes Body Serum was okay. I used to buy a lot of their products when they used to import a lot of their inventory. It seems now they are focusing on producing their own stuff like MemeBox did before they kind of fading away. I used to subscribe to their boxes as well but I might have to get rid of my subscription as the items are starting to get repetitive and are not that great. The body serum is very thin and has a faint scent. It's neither pleasant or unpleasant. The serum is a bit sticky and leaves my skin tacky for quite some time. It's not very hydrating either.

The Herbivore Moon Fruit sleep mask is a retinol alternative. It has a pleasant fruity scent and it was a pale purple gel cream consistency. It smoothed on easily and absorbed quickly. It didn't leave my skin feeling tacky or sticky. After a few weeks of consistent use, my skin felt softer and smoother. I like that it didn't dry out my skin or make it sensitive.

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