Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Book Review - The Liars Society by Alyson Gerber

The Liars Society by Alyson Gerber is about a young girl, Weatherby, who wants to learn more about her father. Weatherby loves sailing and spending her time on the water. When she and her neighbor win the local sailing regatta, she is ecstatic. Especially when the head of the prestigious Boston School approaches her with a scholarship to attend. Weatherby is beyond happy to attend because it's the same school her dad attended. She hopes that she can learn more about her dad and his world because she never got to meet him before. However, Weatherby has a secret that she knows will ruin everything if it gets out. She is desperate to keep it hidden from everyone.

Jack and his family come from a long line of wealth and privilege. His entire family has made their own distinctive mark at the Boston School. Jack is struggling to make his own impression at the school since he feels that he is mediocre at everything he does.  He desperately wants to prove to his distinguished father that he has value to the family. Like Weatherby, Jack also has a secret that he knows will ruin everything if revealed.

Both Jack and Weatherby are excited for the annual school trip to the school’s private island. However, when the money for the trip is missing, Jack and Weatherby are heartbroken. The pair gets tapped to an exclusive private secret society to help solve the mystery of the missing money. If they solve the mystery, they get to join and if they don’t, they risk making enemies of many rich and influential people. 

The young adult novel was a quick and entertaining read. I liked reading about how Weatherby and Jack put aside their differences and other peoples’ expectations of themselves to be better people. I was surprised that there wasn’t more drama between the different characters. The book had a few twists and turns but most were predictable. The book focused a lot on sailing and I do wish the mystery part started sooner. I would be open to reading the next book in the series.  

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