Saturday, March 2, 2024

Book Review - Ruinsong by Julia Ember

Ruinsong by Julia Ember is about a young woman, Cadence, who must decide if she dares to stand up against her ruthless queen, Elene. Cadence was a small child training to be a principal singer for the palace. Her singing is imbued with magic and can be controlled and used depending on the song Cadence sings.

Cadence was chosen by the queen to be a mage for the palace. As Cadence is one of the most powerful mages in the castle, she is made to do the queen’s bidding, whether or not she wants to.  The queen’s latest request was for Cadence to host a concert to torture the country’s nobility. 

While Cadence doesn’t enjoy using her powers to hurt people, Cadence just accepts that this is her fate. That is, until she is reunited with her childhood friend, Remi. Remi is a noblewoman and has a deep hatred for the current queen. Remi and her family have ties to an underground rebellion. Cadence must decide if she will finally stand up for herself against the queen or continue doing Elene’s bidding.

The novel was a quick and straightforward read. It didn’t have any unexpected twists or turns. I was surprised that this was considered a “Phantom of the Opera” retelling as I would have never assumed that from just reading the book. The idea that magic can be conjured by singing was cool to me and I wish magic took a bigger role in the book. I also wish there was an epic magic showdown in the book at least once, or that the concept was explained in more detail. I was interested in learning more about their world. It seemed pretty basic and not much details about it were given other than magic is done by singing. I thought the ending seemed a bit rushed and felt disjointed. I did enjoy the novel and would be open to reading more books by the author.


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