Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Country Living April 2013

Everyone is carrying totes these days and shops are giving them out reduced their plastic and paper footprint. Why not get ahead of the crowd and use “Totes Inspired by Tools Bags”. Here are some CL’s picks -
Photo Credit - Apolis
Photo Credit - Deryck Todd

Spring is here! Here are some potters to spruce up your garden -
Photo Credit - West Elm
Photo Credit - Detroit Garden Works
Photo Credit -Terrain

I am sure no one probably has a use for magnifying glasses unless you are me and you like pretending you are a gumshoe on a rainy [it’s really every Sunday] day. Here are some cool picks by CL -
Photo Credit -L'Objet

Photo Credit - Jasyon Homes

Pick up the issue for beauty, decorating, vintage and gardening tips.

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