Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lucky April 2013

This magazine is a shopaholic’s dream. It has a special guide for a new theme each month, this month it is Bags. Sometimes they have a special part where they show where to shop in different cities and the best part -- discounts!!

Here is the rundown -

A reader asked how can they organize their bags so they can carry smaller bag but not carry less stuff. I thought this was a good tip.
1. Get “colorful zippered cases in fabric or leather to put inside the bag will make your life simple and satisfying and easier than you ever thought possible” I actually do something similar, I keep all the little bags I get from makeup sets. They actually come in quite handy especially when traveling.
2. “Zip your keys into a case to make them easier to find and less able to slowly shred everything else in your bag the way keys do”. I also store my keys in a separate area because not only does it protect everything else it makes it easy to find.
3. “Your makeup bag should” contain your makeup essentials. They have a long list of items but I know everyone’s makeup must haves is different from the next. Like mines is just three types of lip products and solid perfume. :)
4. “Your wallet can also be your card case”. Lucky does recommend to make it bright and pretty, I guess to make it easier to find. I personally stop carrying a card case because no one ever asked me for my business all honesty I only carry them now these days when I come across “Drop your business card for a free lunch” then I finally have a use for my cards.
5. “Your phone goes in a convenient, findable pocket”. I sometimes try to follow this but it is a lot easier just to chuck it and then five minutes later rummage through my bag in a fury looking for it.

Three new trends to wear to work : a leather jacket, a floral suit and a long skirt. I wonder if you can combine all three together.

It seems a lot of designers/actresses/singers are collaborating with retailers to create new lines. I think its a great idea because it makes their work more accessible to people can’t otherwise afford it. Derek Lam for DesigNation is teaming up with Kohl’s. Every piece is under a $100. Zoe Kravitz is teaming with Swarovski Crystallized to create crystal, turquoise and silver pieces.

Coach found inspiration in the outdoors for it’s latest collection.

The “Gingham” trend has popped up again. Here are some of Lucky’s picks
Photo Credit - Banana Republic
Flushed cheeks are in for the spring. “Blend a light pink cream blush with a dark purple lipstick” onto cheeks for a “sexy, flattering glow”. 

Photo Credit - MAC; Cremeblend Blush in Posey
Photo Credit - MAC; Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lush Life

Lucky recommends having these 6 types of spring jackets -
“1. The printed denim jacket - keep everything else soft and neutral, and let this graphic style be your statement piece.
2. The sloped shoulder jacket - check the boxiness with super slim pieces [bonus if they have a narrowing vertical pattern]
3. The bright anorak - urbanize this outdoorsy style with frayed denim and cool, minimalist accessories,
4. The collarless blazer - add a collar! A boyish button down completely loosens up the ultra - ladylike cut.
5. The striped blazer - ticking stripes make this tailored style laid - back enough to pair perfectly with off - duty shorts and slouchy tops.
6. The baseball jacket - throw it on over your flirtiest skirts and tops - the mix of girly and tomboy is so nonchalantly cool.”

Pick up the issue for more fashion, makeup tips and discounts.

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