Monday, April 22, 2013

NatureBox - Discovery Box

Being a fattie and reading other blogger’s reviews of this [usually while eating] and I just HAD to get this subscription. I was literally the only person alive who didn’t have this [I am a bit of drama queen, can you tell :P ]. The premise of this subscription box is that they deliver healthy and wholesome food directly to your doorsteps.

Lemon Meringue Waffles - I was eating dinner when I opened this box and I wanted to eat these right away...and I did. They have a sweet lemony taste in the beginning and goes a bit bland towards the end. But I noticed after eating a bunch you don’t notice the bland taste anymore. I love how crunchy and tasty this was even though I am not really big on things that taste like lemons.

Italian Bistro Pretzels - I love pretzels. These were super delicious. I love how crunchy they were. The taste reminded me of Italian dressing with a hint Parmesan cheese. Think Combo’s Pretzel Pizzeria flavor would be a good idea of texture [minus the creamy filling] and taste. They were very generous on the seasoning on the pretzel, so it is a bit salty. But at least you will end up drinking tons of water and isn’t that good for your health?

Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars - These were absolutely delicious! Even my brother who hates everything healthy ate these and loved them. They are like a healthy version of Fig Newtons. I love how they were individually wrapped and were easy to store and snack on easily.

Banana Bread Granola  -  These were sweet and crunchy. My two favorite things.  I noticed a hint of vanilla, which made it yummy but not overpowering. The only downside [for me at least]  there was raisins in the mix. I am not very fond of raisins.

Taj Mahal Snack Mix  - *sigh* again with the raisins. For those who has a sensitive nose and don’t like curry I wouldn’t recommend this to you. I am not avid fan of curry powder but this was an interesting mix. My favorite part was with the sweet almonds against the potent curry powder taste. The dried mango came was second favorite. My only qualm is those small circular disc shaped pieces taste like paper and there was so many of them!

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