Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi Reader!

You might have noticed, I haven't written a post in awhile. I apologize greatly for that. I am currently attending a family reunion.  I should return posting "regularly", although I do post at irregular times next week. I was going to upload some vacation photos, but in all honesty, all I have done is go to spa treatments, buy new beauty products and try them out [Hopefully, my lazy bum self will get to posting them up by next week]. But here are some photos I did take in between my laziness [but really, isn't that what a vacation really is?]
 Our resort had its own private lake. There is a patio down there on the lake, but I thought alligators [or SUPER CROC!!!] or snakes would get me.
 The pool during the night but it was also raining so I couldn't go out properly on the patio.
 There was two jacuzzi and really big pool. I honestly ate so bad and let myself go so much I didn't set foot anywhere that guilt ridden place. Yes, they did have a sauna and a fitness opened 24/7, but I am on vacation. Yes, I am a quite difficult of a person.

   A beach near the gulf of Mexico. The sand was alabaster white and the clear. The sand reminded me of cement. Although, nothing would be as beautiful as the beaches at Bermuda. Oh, how my heart swells for thee.
 A hermit crab! There were so many of these. I tried really hard not to accidentally step on the beach. Although, when we were driving passed SeaWorld, there was a turtle in the middle of the road. I think he was trying to run away.
 I was sitting on these rocks until the tide came and the jelly fishes. I also managed to catch a baby  crab in the algae there. I managed to untangled it, I wonder if he remembers me.
 The ostrich was eyeballing me the entire time. So I paparazzi the heck out of him.
I should get one of this for my space at work :)

Until next week,
Andrea :)

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