Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goodies Co. May - Box 2

OMG! I love this box. Actually all I saw was the sour strings and the coconut water.  I didn’t notice the other stuff. I am not sure if that is saying much about me.

Wholly Guacamole   -  It   came with a  coupon for  a free product of your choosing. Which is nice because you get to choose but also sucky if  the store you carry it on doesn’t carry the products. The stores close to me don’t carry this which is okay, I am allergic to avocados but I was thinking of making a dip and bringing it in for work.  I also love how they gave a clip for your potato chips. We are huge fan of potato chips at our house and sadly enough  we don’t have a clip for our chips. Well now we do :)

Sour Power Straws - Blue Raspberry Candy Straws -  I love eating this when I was little. They are a perfect combination of sweet and sour. I ate the whole package in 20 seconds flat.

Sour Power Straws - Pink Lemonade Candy Straws -  These were a bit more sour than the blue raspberry ones. The blue raspberry is my favorite but I still polished these off.

Beanitos - Chipotle BBQ  - I am not a huge fan of BBQ flavored chips but these were tasty. I like the concept of a “health chip”. I would probably get these in another flavor as I don’t like BBQ flavor.

 Numi Organic Tea - Moroccan Mint - I am not a huge tea fan but I will occasionally sip me some of nature’s brew. I did like the sweet scent of mint and the tea itself had mild mint taste which I did enjoy. But definitely drink this while it is hot as when it cools down it isn’t as tasty.

 ico - Coconut Water -  My brother loves these so I didn’t even get to taste this.

Bronco Bob's - Mango Chipotle Sauce  - I didn’t have a purpose for this so I gave it to a friend who likes mangoes. Although, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

SuperSeedz - Sea Salt - These tasted like sunflower seeds except towards the end they had nutty pumpkin taste.


California Olive Ranch - Olive Oil -   I am not sure how this qualifies as a goodie, but I used this to make stir fry. I couldn't taste really taste the difference from my normal olive oil.



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