Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everyday with Rachael Ray May 2013

Don’t forget on May 11 to leave a box or a bag of nonperishable food by your mailbox. Your local letter carrier will pick it up and take it to the local food bank.

Pink Himalayan salt has not only made its way on foodie’s plate but also cropping up in beauty products.
Photo Credit - Bliss, Bliss FatGirlScrub

Photo Credit - Dial Soap, Dial Skin Therapy Replenishing Body with Himalayan Pink Salt

Here are some cures for hangovers [I am not actually sure how viable they are] for the upcoming Spring Break -
Mexico’s go to hair of the dog is a michelada, a frosty mug of beer typically spiked with tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, lime and a kick of spicy heat.
Waking up wrecked in Poland can make you quite the sourpuss. Among the most trusted local hangover cures is pickle juice. Straight up. [Ewww! I  can just imagine the face I would make]
In Mongolia, hangover relief is in the eye of the beholder - if you happen to hang out with livestock. Pop a pickled sheep’s eyeball [where the hell can you find one of that here?!] In  some tomato juice, swirl and gulp. Whatever you do, don’t chew!”

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