Friday, August 16, 2013

Cosmopolitan May 2013

How to Wear Tricky Trends-
“Polka Dots
1. Too much volume or extra detail will leave you looking like a Disney character. Stick a simple silhouettes.
2. On their own, polka dots look crisp. Mix with another print for a more indie style, but be sure to keep everything on the same scale.

Crop tops
1. The shape is attention grabbing enough. Stick to black and white to avoid going over the top.
2. Show just a sliver of midriff, and pair your short top with a long, high-waisted bottom.

Peekaboo Shoe
1. Clean and well-pedicured toes are a must
2. When wet, plastic shoes can be slippery and more than a little uncomfortable, so save them for cooler days when you are less likely to sweat.

Metal Belts
1. Choose how bold you want to be - tiptoe into the trend with a narrow width, or make a statement with a wider belt.
2. Keep your accessories to a minimum -  a hard clutch and a sleek pair of heels are all you need to complete your look.”

$10 Beauty Buys -
Photo Source - Drugstore, OPI Lacquer in Pink Yet Lavender
Photo Source - Target, Champneys Citrus Blush Body Oil

Photo Source - Pacifica, Pacifica Mexican Cocoa Solid Perfume

Tips on How to get a Spring Face -
“Cleanse...twice!  Standard at spas: a double cleanse. Take off makeup with a wipe, then suds up. A power brush deep-cleans.
Peel Pores Used twice a week, at-home peels are a great alternative to pro extractions. Look for glycolic acid - awesome at dejunking pores.
Make Time for a Mask - So underutilized, mask are a complexion game changer. Wear one once a week while clearing your DVR queue”

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