Monday, October 7, 2013

Marie Claire October 2013

Happy Feet-  A quick hit guide to the essential shapes every woman needs in her closet
The stiletto -  an all-around outfit enhancer for special occasions or dressing up denim
The riding boot - ideal for cold-weather days when trekking through snow, slush, or rain is unavoidable
The knee boot - when wearing shorts, skirts, or leggings to accentuate your legs
The ballet flat - for casual days when being comfortable trumps all
The kitten heel - your saving grace during eight hour workday followed by after dark dinner
The wedge - because more surfaces hits the ground, it’s stabilizing  on tricky terrain like cobblestone
The ankle boot - versatile [looks chic with almost anything] and universally flattering, it lends height and provides coverage

Have a pimple?
Do this home remedy and it will be like the pimple never existed. First, clean the area with a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice or white vinegar [both are natural antiseptic].  Then wrap an ice cube in tissue so it won’t burn your skin and gently press it on the area for a minute or two - a few seconds on, a few seconds off - to reduce any swelling. Finally, make a paste of 1 teaspoon powdered brewer’s yeast and ½ teaspoon milk, put it on the spot overnight, and rinse off in the morning. The milk’s lactic acid reduces inflammation, and the yeast kills the bacteria.  Keep this up for a few days if necessary, and whatever you do, don’t squeeze around it to bring it to the surface - that only makes things worse.

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