Thursday, October 31, 2013

Relvon Nail Art Style Strips - Fashion Hound

While going abroad I was debating whether I should paint my nails or get them done. I figured both ways, I might still end up with chips. I thought I should give nail strips I try since I know they have no downtime and don't really chip or peel. The pink and black sparkly houndstooth pattern was very nice and playful. Some people had asked me how long did it take to do that pattern, I just smiled and said "forever!". The package came with 16 strips, a nail file and orange stick. While it was very easy to go on and use  but it took a bit of practice since it was awhile since I used nail strips. I occasionally had used for an accent nail.  Most of the strips I was able to fit on my nail but some were a tad to big or small but I was able to snip the excess. I did get a bit sad on those where sizes were too small and the only other "available" one was way too big. Overall, I got almost 6 days before I got tired of wearing it and started picking at the ends that were lifting up a bit. But I am sure if I applied a top coat, the edges would have stayed firmly down.  It was a nice way to try a new trend or decorate one nail "fancy", without a lot of work and effort. Plus if you have really small nails you can squeeze two uses out of one strip! :)

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