Friday, October 4, 2013

Julep Nail Polish - Cleopatra

When I saw this totally on trend black latex [doesn't really contain latex] creme nail polish, I knew I had to get it. Well, apart from it being on trendy cool and awesome looking...okay, that's the only reasons I got... but I don't regret this nail polish one bit. The nail polish dries matte but I noticed when I applied lotion [most notably Julep's Pomegranate Body Creme] the nail polished turned shiny. It reminds me a bit of a  "dull" leather that is usually "dry looking" and gets really shiny when... I guess you can say I moisturize some shiny into my nail.  The nail polish was a bit thick and the consistency reminds me a bit of melted plastic.  Like when I wiped the brush against the bottle and tried apply a thin layer, I got a ugly consistency like melted plastic and became really bumpy looking. I realized it looked better when I applied  a lot of  nail polish to get a nice even coverage. Also, make sure to clean your nails really well [or there is no chips in your base coat] before applying the nail polish otherwise you won't get an even coverage. I learned this the hard way, as my base coat was  chipped [but who can really tell when it is clear (!?!) and I only applied it 6 hours prior to using the nail polish] and the  nail polish was bumpy and uneven. Overall, one of my favorite "special effects" nail polish and it is perfect for Halloween.

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