Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review : A Bride at Last

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The tale of three strangers who have their faith intertwined with each together. Each with their own form of running away, will it be possible for them to work through their difference to come together?

The book starts with a young boy who takes care of his sick mother. His teacher is the caretaker for both the boy and the mother. When mother passes away, Kate loves Anthony dearly and wants to take care of the child. Unfortunately, two men show up and claim to be the boy's father. 

With twists and turns, the book keeps the readers guessing and occasionally make the reader guess, "Why couldn't they just stay together and work through it!" or if you are the skeptic, this where the eye rolls begin. Secrets and betrayal at every page, will they be able to stay together or go their own ways?  

The book was an interesting read but felt like the same plot over and over. It definitely kept me mildly entertained when I read it during my commute. It is a good beach or commute read but more romance fluff than anything else.

*Disclosure - I was provided with a copy of this book for my honest review. Link are affiliate links*

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