Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Marie Claire January 2015

Hang Photos Like a Pro
  1. Know your freebies - when buying from a dealer or gallery, make sure to ask if the price includes the frame. For a lot of first-time buyers, it does.
  2. Defray costs - hit up Ikea for budget frames, or join Michaels mailing list and wait for coupons, which can custom framing prices nearly in half.
  3. Use your accents - if your room has a bold accent color, try matching the frame to that. Got a neutral palette? Match the color of the floor.
  4. Separate lights and dark - lights frames help a space look bigger. Darker ones draw attention to the fact that a room is small.
  5. Master the salon - when collaging a bold or colorful work with less eye catching ones, don’t hang the focal piece in the middle. Use the pinwheel technique: disperse artwork loosely around the center of the wall. And use frames of a single hue.
  6. Tame the mix - if salon style chaos isn’t your thing, try hanging art of different sizes and mixed media [a mask, an etching, a painting, a photo, etc] in a grid a bold but restrained effect.

Benefits of Meditation
  1. Improved concentration - experienced meditators’ brain show more activity in the areas that control attention and focus than those of people who don’t meditate.
  2. Weight control - in preliminary studies, meditators who practice “mindful eating” (focusing attention on the sensory experience of a meal) were able to control overeating more successfully than non-meditators.
  3. Better memory - meditators have denser gray matter in the hippocampus (which is connected to memory and learning)
  4. Less uneasiness - after analyzing nearly 19,000 studies on meditation. Researchers found that mindfulness practices ease anxiety.
  5. Decreased stress - studies has found that meditation can reduce the expression of genes linked to inflammation and stress.

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