Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book Review - Insight: Immortal Soul Mates (Insight series Book 1) by Jamie Magee

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** May Contain Spoilers **

Willow has been haunted by her dreams for as long as she can remember.  With every harrowing nightmare, she is also shares her dreams with a blue-eye boy. In their dreams together, Willow and her dream boy is always surrounded by complete silence.  Unfortunately, there is a dark shadow lurking in Willow's dreams.Willow has the power to feel and sense emotions of both the living and the dead. Her family believes the dark figure is after Willow's power.

The book was a bit underwhelming. The story has potential but it is sadly never realized. There is a lot of times when main characters face the evil characters but instead of action; the story kind of fizzles. It was littered with spelling and grammar issues which took away from setting the mood. On a side note, this is the first book in a part of a series but it could be read separately. However, after this disappointing first novel, I am not sure I will continue reading the rest of the series.

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