Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Review - A Love Made New (Amish of Birch Creek #3) by Kathleen Fuller

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Abigail Schrock has been through enough heartache for a lifetime. Her mother and father were taken from her after a tragic accident while her sister is still recovering. She is hopeful that her current boyfriend will make everything better by marrying her. Unfortunately, he breaks up with her and tells her there is someone else. Asa Bontrager leaves his home and moves to Birch Creek because he believes it's God's purpose. He doesn't understand why God is telling him to follow Abigail when she wants nothing to do with him. Will the two be able to find true love?

The novel was an interesting and quick read. While, it read like almost every Amish romance novel, I like how they included back stories for the support characters. On a side note, there is a lot of characters which might make the novel confusing at first especially if you didn't read the other novels. However, the novels each can be read standalone.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion**

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