Saturday, December 8, 2018

Book Review - Foxlowe: A Novel by Eleanor Wasserberg

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Foxlowe is a crumbling old house on the moors but to Green, it is a special place. Foxlowe is the only place she knows. In Foxlowe, Green can do whatever she wants. She can run through the hallways, eat desserts whenever she wants, and be free of daily hassles.

At Foxlowe, the family shares everything. They perform special rituals to protect themselves from the Bad. Everyone is content living at Foxlowe until Blue, Green's little sister, grows up and dreams of being in the Outside. She talks about become a Leaver; one of the unmentionables.

The writing style of this book wasn't my favorite. I found it to be quite annoying and made it harder for me to enjoy the novel. I couldn't bond with Green and had a hard time understanding why she did certain things and why she showed Freya so much loyalty. The book was a bit slow and didn't have much going on. I also didn't like that there were parts of the story that they didn't explain. For example, who were Blue's parents? There were several time jumps that made the book confusing in the later parts of the novel. Overall, this book was a bit of a letdown and difficult to get into. I would recommend reading a sample before buying.

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