Saturday, December 22, 2018

Book Review - A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

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Lily Dane and her family have summered in Seaview, Rhode Island for generations. Rhode Island provides an escape from the New York social scene and a heartbreak that still haunts Lily.  The seaside community has provided Lily with blissful childhood memories and friends.  However, this summer is different when Lily's former best friend, Budgie and former fiance, Nick arrived.  Under Budgie's influence, Lily is drawn back into her former friend's world and is entangled in a complicated web of lies and secrets. A hurricane is approaching Rhode Island, will Lily be able to uncover the buried secrets that haunt her?

I originally got this book to read at the beach but, I only recently got the chance to read it. I can see why this book can be considered a juicy beach read as it is filled with secrets, deception, and betrayal.  The plot was a bit predictable but, there were a few twists that were unexpected. Overall, it was a fun juicy read but, I wasn't really fond of the characters. For example, her best friend has betrayed her several times but, Lily still tries to help her.  The book is a good read for fans of the author.
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