Thursday, December 20, 2018

Book Review - Monstrous Devices by Damien Love

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Twelve-year-old Alex receives a package in the mail on a cold wintery night. The delicately wrapped package contains an old tin robot from his grandfather with a note that says, "This one is special". Alex starts noticing strange events occurring and he suspects the toy might be the cause. 

Right before Alex is attacked, his grandfather manages to save him.  Worried about Alex's safety, his grandfather decides to take him to Europe. In Europe, Alex becomes entangled in a world of magic and an ancient family feud. Will the duo be able to solve the puzzle behind the old tin robot and stop the opposing forces who want to harm them.

I was drawn to this beautifully illustrated book cover and thought it would be a great read for a cold wintery night. The story was entertaining and interesting but, it fell flat in some parts. I thought the plot was unique about old artifacts filled with ancient power and objects being controlled by pieces of human body parts. However, I was annoyed by Alex and his grandfather's relationship. I also didn't like that we were left with more questions than answers. I felt like the author came up with a few interesting twists but, wasn't sure how to explain it. Unless the author is planning to make a sequel, I would recommend skipping this rather disappointing book.

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