Saturday, January 19, 2019

Book Review - The Good Detective by John McMahon

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Detective P.T. Marsh was a rising star in his police department in Mason  Falls, Georgia. Until the death of his wife and son. After their accident, Marsh has been making a series of bad decisions, including helping a woman confront her abusive boyfriend. The next morning he is called to the scene of his new murder case, only for Marsh to realize it was the very man he beat up last night. He knows the man was alive the night before but,  he can't remember all of the details from the night prior.

The body of a black teenager is found in a field with a rope around his neck. While investigating the murder, he realizes he might have killed his number one suspect for the murder.  With racial tensions and media scrutiny rising, Marsh is facing against the clock to solve this murder and to prove his own innocence. Is there something more sinister behind the teenager's death? 

I thought the book had an interesting premise. I enjoyed that the author mixed a few different topics such as racial tensions, murder, and superstition to create a unique plot. However, I felt that the writing fell flat. I didn't feel connected to P.T. Marsh or really cared for any of the characters. 

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