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Book Review - The Extremely High Tide! (Secrets of Topse) by Kir Fox and M. Shelley Coats + Giveaway

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Talise is well versed about the ocean. She knows more about the ocean than any kid and adult in Topsea. She is currently the only bathymetrist in Topsea. Talise can predict important things about the sea like the next tide or the beginning of Seaweed season. However, Talise has a hard time understanding her classmates' behavior.

Talise discovers a message in a bottle. She realizes its blueprints for boats and the message was meant for her. Talise feels there is a reason for the messages while her classmates think she is being silly. Unsure why she needs to build a boat, she begins to build the boat. Who is sending Talise these massages? Will she be able to build the boat in time?

The book was an interesting and creative read. It was filled with eccentric and bizarre jokes like searching the beach for teeth. However, I don't feel like I am the target audience for this book because of the book's humor. Although, I can see this would be the perfect zany book for a child who likes this type of humor. I did like that each character had a chapter dedicated to them so, the reader could learn more about them. Overall, this would be a great book if you love zany and wacky humor, if not, you would be better off skipping.

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About the Book:

Author: Kir Fox & M Shelley Coats

Pub. Date: January 8, 2019

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Pages: 208

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Talise knows more about the ocean than any kid in Topsea. Any adult, too. As the best-and only-bathymetrist in Topsea, Talise is able to predict important things about the sea, like the next tide (Severely Low with a threat of Wildcard) or the arrival of Seaweed Season. What she can't predict, however, are her classmates' behaviors. Sometimes it's as if they're speaking different languages.

When Talise discovers a mysterious message in a bottle, her classmates believe it must have been sent by someone stranded on a deserted island. (Not to be confused with a dessert island.) But Talise is convinced the message is meant for her. And it's telling her to build a boat.

Everyone seems to think Talise is just being silly. Even Talise isn't exactly sure why she has to build the boat. And who keeps sending those strange messages in a bottle, anyway? All Talise knows is that she'd better finish building her boat fast, because an Extremely High Tide is coming? 

About The Authors:

Kir Fox (Kirsten Hubbard) and M. Shelley Coats (Michelle Schusterman) are great friends, longtime critique partners and ardent consumers of the strange and unusual.

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