Friday, April 19, 2019

Book Review - The Memory House by Rachel Hauck

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Beck Holiday is still reeling eighteen years later over the death of her beloved father. She and her mother lost him during the attacks on 9/11. She can no longer remember him and lost most of her memories of him. Recently, Beck was suspended for police misconduct with a suspect. She is struggling to get her life back in order especially, with life alternating secret. She is unsure what her next steps in life should be.

When Beck receives a mysterious letter in the main alerting her of an inheritance from a woman she doesn't remember, she is confused but, takes it as a sign. She travels to the northern coast of Florida to view the house she inherited. During her stay in Florida, Beck realizes that there are some things she can't forget forever. Will the trip be able to heal her heart and restore her memories?

I have a few books from Rachel Hauck on my TBR pile. Out of the three, I decided to start with this novel first. Boy, was I sadly disappointed. The book was told from the perspective of four different people who all share a connection with the house. They all had a connection with each other. I was hardly able to build a bond or connection with any of the characters. More than 75% into the book, I lost interest in the book. There was nothing interesting going on that warranted me to waste more time reading this novel.  I think some portion of the book was poorly written and felt choppy in some parts. For example, when Beck experience a flashback of her memories and Beck believes God is speaking to her, she stumbles around into Bruno's childhood home. Then Bruno and his mother were talking about her and the incident like she can't overhear them and it's an everyday occurrence. I am not sure why, but that whole incident just felt weird to me. Overall, the storyline did not grab me enough to want to finish this novel.

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