Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Book Review - Redemption Point (Crimson Lake #2) by Candice Fox

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Ted Conkaffey has been falsely accused of abducting Claire Bingley. He moves to Crimson Lake to disappear and rebuild his life. He works with private detective Amanda Pharrell to help solves cases. However, Ted starts to realize that no matter where he goes, he can never escape his past.

Clarie's father, Dale has an act of revenge on his mind. He wants Ted to help him find the true culprit of the violent act against his daughter. He is willing to stop at nothing to get his revenge. If Ted doesn't get on board with his plan, he will be the first casualty.

Meanwhile, Amanda is investigating a homicide involving two young bartenders at a dive bar called Barking Frog Inn. It is also Detective Inspector Pip Sweeney's first homicide investigation. The duo finds themselves oddly comfortable in each other's presence.  However, as they continue to work the case, they realize there a special bond between them.

The book was an interesting read and a good ending for the series. I liked seeing Amanda and Ted being accepted by other characters for people beyond their past. I wished that Ted came out of his shell a bit more and defend himself. I think for a guy who knows that he is innocent but leaves his battles for other people to fight, shouldn't mourn things he lost in his life and especially if he doesn't anything about it. While this novel could be read as a standalone, I found the novel to be more enjoyable when it was read together.

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