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Book Review - Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans by Russell Ginns + Giveaway

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Samantha loves her uncle Paul. They have shared a lot of beloved memories over strawberry waffles, puzzles, and stories. However, one-day uncle Paul just disappears without saying goodbye. He leaves the family a special gift for each of them. Samantha's sister receives a check for $2,400,000,000, while her brother, Nipper got the New York Yankees. Samantha gets a rusty red umbrella with a tag that says, "Watch out for the RAIN".

While Samantha is trying to decipher the mysterious message, she feels that her uncle is in danger. She remembers him teaching her that not everything is what it seems. As Samantha and her brother work to solve the puzzles their uncle left behind, they find themselves being targetted by RAIN. Will Sam and her brother be able to solve the puzzle before it's too late?

The easy to read the book was a fun read. I liked that the author included puzzles in the novel. The puzzles were fun but, he also included the answers. I think it was a treat how the author incorporated different languages and facts in an interesting but, educational way. Overall, this quirky book is perfect for children who love traveling, facts, and puzzles.

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Author: Russell Ginns
Pub. Date: February 27, 2018
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, audiobook, eBook
Pages: 256
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Get ready for round-the-world adventure with Sam Spinner and her brother Nipper in the first book in a new hilarious, puzzle-packed series filled with super-secret messages! Perfect for fans of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library and classics like Holes.

Samantha Spinner's uncle Paul disappeared, and here's what he left:
* Samantha's sister got a check for $2,400,000,000.
* Samantha's brother got the New York Yankees.
* And Samantha got a rusty red umbrella with a tag hanging off its worn handle. The tag says "Watch out for the RAIN."

Thanks a lot, Uncle Paul.

After all the strawberry waffles, stories, and puzzles they've shared, how could he just leave without saying goodbye? And what is the meaning of that mysterious message?

The answer is simple. Sam knows in her heart that Uncle Paul is in danger. And if he taught her anything, it's that not everything is exactly what it seems. Which is why we should pay close attention to that rusty red umbrella, and never trust a monkey at a hula-hoop contest.

The RAIN is coming and Samantha Spinner is about to find herself mixed up in some super-important, super-dangerous, super-secret plans.

Praise for Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans:

"A winning mix of fast-paced action, fascinating facts, bathroom humor, and hidden puzzles...[that is] sure to please action-loving middle-grade readers." --Kirkus Reviews

"Full of adventure and survival,...[and with] characters [that] are likable, realistic, and well rounded...[Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans is] great for [readers of] series like The 39 Clues." --School Library Journal

About Russell:

Russell Ginns is a writer and game designer who specializes in puzzles, songs, and smart fun. He has worked on projects for a wide variety of organizations, corporations, and publications, including Sesame Workshop, Girl Scouts of America, Nintendo, and Scientific American. Russell lives and writes in Washington, D.C. He is the author of Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans and Samantha Spinner and the Spectacular Specs. To learn more about him, visit and follow @rginns on Twitter.

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