Saturday, July 13, 2019

Book Review - The Furies by Katie Lowe

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Violet is nervous on her first day at the all-girls Elm Hollow Academy boarding school. It's her second chance to have a fresh start in the midst of a family tragedy.  Desperate to fit in, Violet finds herself joining a group of girls who are considered outsiders. She soon finds herself in an advanced study group with the other girls, leads by her mysterious art teacher, Annabel.

The group studies mythology and Greek and Celtic legends but, also the school's own gruesome history.  Annabel tries to teach the girls that class is about learning history and mythology and not about magic. However, this doesn't stop the girls from trying to get their hands on some spells. 

Together, they try to harness the power of magic for themselves. They find themselves wrapped up in power they never had before. When a violent incident occurs, Violet finds herself feeling defenseless. When her friends' actions take a turn for the darker, Violet finds herself conflicted.

I thought this novel was going to be about a group of girls who were using magic to get their way. Instead, I am not sure what this novel is. I have a few mixed feelings about it and I am still not entirely sure if I enjoyed the novel. I was reminded of Emma Cline's "The Girls" (which I was also in-between with). I didn't really feel like the book came together in a cohesive and enjoyable way for me. I didn't really care for any of the main characters and thought they didn't really face any consequences. While I didn't really love this novel, I am open to reading other books by the author.

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