Sunday, July 7, 2019

Book Review - Sea Sirens by Amy Chu

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Trot is a Vietnamese American girl who is an avid surfer that loves the ocean. She is usually accompanied by her grumpy one-eyed cat, Cap'n Bill. While surfing one day, Trot wipes out on a big wave and is transported to a magical underwater kingdom. She realizes that she is in the middle of ancient deep-sea battle. The Sea Sirens are being invaded by the Serpent King and his minions. When someone gets kidnap, Trot must risk everything to rescue someone she loves dearly.

The beautifully drawn graphic novel is colorful and easy to read. The book weaves mythology, mystical ocean creatures, and quirky characters together. While I enjoyed reading the book, I felt that there wasn't much of a plot and it was mostly fluff. I thought there was going to be a great big battle or an epic surprise at the end. The novel does leave an opening for more books but, I am hoping the next graphic novel has more going on.

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