Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Book Review - The Bootlace Magician by Cassie Beasley + Listicle - Magical Powers

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Magician in training, Micah Tuttle is still learning the ropes while he is living and working at the Circus Mirandus. The circus is filled with magical acts like fire and light shows, strong men performing amazing feats, magical animals, and magicians from every corner of the world. Micah feels like he needs to prove he belongs here. 

Everything seems to be going well when a dangerous enemy from the past is threatening the circus. Micah has to work to figure out his own magic while trying to help protect the circus from malevolent forces.  Will Micah be able to help the other magicians to fight off the evil forces?

This book was deliciously fun and an entertaining read. I love how Micah was able to grow into his own and his magic.  While I enjoyed the novel, I was a bit disappointed that Micah wasn't more involved in the final battle.  Overall, the book was an enjoyable read and I can't wait to read more books from the author.

Topic - Fun Circus Names & Abilities -

I thought it would be a fun treat to create a few imaginary circus names and their magical powers! After all, who doesn't love a fun + silly name?! Leave your favorites in the comments!

- Ivy Flowers - the ability to grow flowers from every surface
- Snow Melt - the ability to turn water into snow
- Tsumani - the ability to control water
- Fire Eater - the ability to control fire because they ate too much hot sauce
- Whirlwind - the ability to control wind
- Creepy Curlie Charlie - a man with the ability to control insects
- Reptile Ralph - a man with the ability to control reptiles
- Flaming Aces - the ability to transfer energy to objects
- Hairy Albert - just a really hairy guy
- Gwen the Gnome - a woman with good luck
- Vesper the Sand Maker - a woman who can tell stories with sand
- Fierce Bob - security protection

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