Saturday, October 26, 2019

Book Spotlight and Listcle - The Curse of the Werepenguin by Allan Woodrow

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All orphan Bolt Wattle has ever wanted was to find his true family. When a mysterious baron in far-off Brugaria sends for Bolt, he wonders if he's getting closer to finding his long-lost parents. But Baron Chordata appears to be a twelve-year-old boy who wears tuxedos all the time, shouts at everyone, and forbids Bolt from asking questions. Things couldn't get any worse . . . until midnight, when the Baron bites Bolt and turns him into a half boy, half penguin. Then things really couldn't get worse-- nope, wait, they get a lot worse. With the help and hindrance of a plucky girl who just might be the world's greatest bandit, a whale cult led by a man whose weapon is a stale loaf of French bread, and a sinister but friendly fortune-teller who can't stop cackling, Bolt's on a quest to reverse the curse, return to human form, and stop the Baron from taking over the country of Brugaria with his army of mind-controlled penguins in what might be the weirdest--and funniest--middle-grade novel you've ever read.

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Topic - Chimeras -

I thought it would be a fun to create a mix of different species of animals by combining them with other animals! Just in time for some spooky Halloween fun!

  1. Mongon - a monkey that is part dragon
  2. Chickey - a chicken that is part donkey
  3. Whader - a whale that is part spider 
  4. Octoffe -  a octopus that is part giraffe 
  5. Grassfly - a grasshopper that is part butterfly
  6. Balrus - a bat that is part walrus
  7. Snakadillo - a snake that is part armadillo

Let me know your favorites or any ideas! Have some fun and let your creative juices flow!

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