Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Book Review - Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal

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Sanna is a mermaid but, she is half landish. When Sanna was born, an old sea witch cast a forgetting spell that made Sanna, her mother, her father, and her people forget the details of her birth including her mother. When Sanna turns sixteen years old, she decides to find her mother as she feels like an outsider in her seavish flok. Determined to find her roots and identity, she apprentices herself to the sea witch who cast the spell on her and her family.

After learning the magic to make a pair of legs for herself, she decides to follow the clues to the location of her mother. Before she leaves, the sea witch gives her a cryptic quest to complete. As Sanna begins her journey, her flok wait for her news on her journey. While on land, Sanna comes across a village who is desperate for a miracle and a baroness who will stop at nothing to live forever.

I was quite torn with this review. I thought the novel was beautifully written but, then at times, it was just too much. I was more than 85% done with the book before I couldn't be bothered anymore. The story progressed so slowly that the story didn't even progress in 50 pages. It was mostly 50 pages of atmosphere building or Sanna debating what to do or the sea life that lives on the old witch's body. I wasn't a fan of the different points of view because I felt like it added little to the story. I wanted to enjoy this book more because I love a good tale. I am still looking forward to other books by the author.

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