Sunday, March 29, 2020

Book Review - Second Chance for the Single Dad by Carol Ross

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Camile Wynn is a dance teacher with a recent string of bad luck. She is excited to get a new student but, becomes wary when she finds out her new student is Rhys McGrath. Rhys McGrath is a reclusive man who lives with his orphaned niece. He wants to learn how to waltz so, he can take his niece to the father and daughter dance. Camile is surprised by Rhys's generous heart because of his cold personality.  When Camile finds out that he might lose custody of his niece, Camile takes matters in her own hands.

I have read a few of Carol Ross's books and have enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I wasn't a fan of this book. I am not sure if it's being in the quarantine lockdown but, I got quite frustrated reading this book. I had a hard time relating to any of the characters. I found that Rhys was cold, distant, robotic, and quite boring. I didn't like that Camile was complaining about how she wanted to do things on her own because of a falling out with her parents. She didn't want to accept help even from her sisters even though she was struggling and putting herself in danger. The idea that she spent so much time thinking that she forgot to eat, seemed ridiculous and absent-minded. I didn't like the fact that she complained that her friend had more free time because her parents paid for her bills. Camile could have more free time if she accepted help and not everyone has parents who are either generous or can afford to help their kids financially.

I found it odd that Rhys didn't notice Camile two years ago on their first date. Now, he's besotted for the first time after seeing her for two years. I felt like their relationship bloomed out of nowhere especially when he starts calling her sweetheart and she comments on how great he smells. It felt unnatural and that things were moving so quickly for a woman who didn't like him and a man who is cold to everyone. I can appreciate that the author is trying to include characters from previous novels into her book but, sometimes a scene had too many characters. It was hard trying to remember every character.  I am also disappointed that the author doesn't include any people of color.  I lost interest in the novel around the halfway mark. I think for the time being I am completely over heartwarming novels but, may revisit her books a few years later.

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She’ll save him a dance…

…if he follows his heart.

Dance teacher Camile Wynn has a new student. Reclusive Rhys McGrath is learning to waltz so he can take his orphaned niece to a father-daughter dance. Camile is surprised by her connection with him, but there’s a generous heart behind Rhys’s awkward exterior. When she learns Rhys could lose custody of his niece, Camile goes behind his back to help him…but will her lies end up hurting him instead?


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