Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Book Review - The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

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Dr. Montague wants to investigate Hill House which is known to be haunted and none of the inhabitants of the house stay for long. Dr. Montague and three other adults decide to stay in the house to see if they can witness any paranormal events. Dr. Montague picked them for special reasons. Theodora was invited because had psychic abilities of guessing cards without seeing them; Eleanor had an experience with poltergeists, and Luke is the heir of Hill House. In the beginning, their stay seems like merely a spooky encounter until Hill House starts gathering its power to make one of them their own.

I was very excited to read this book but, felt quite disappointed. The novel was very short and felt incomplete. There wasn't much character development or story building. I felt like the story was written where the author hints of what might have happened but, the reader is left to guess what happened. I had a hard time liking any of the characters, they seemed cruel to each other for no reason. I think the author is hinting that is the house changing the characters' personalities. This wasn't my type of book but, it might be for others.

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