Sunday, September 6, 2020

Book Review - Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King

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Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes were enlisted to help an old friend find their missing aunt, who lives in an asylum. Lady Vivian Beaconsfield has spent most of her adult life in Bethlem after her brother and father died in the Great War. While on an outing for her brother's birthday, Lady Vivian disappears.

Mary doesn't want to take on the case but, she can't turn down her friend, Ronnie. Together with Sherlock, Mary travels to Venice to find the missing woman. While at Venice, they discover the influence of Benito Mussolini is causing a disturbance in the city. When Mary and Sherlock begin their search for the missing woman, they are thrown into a whole different world.

I have seen Sherlock shows and movies but, haven't read the novels. Mostly because I wasn't much of a huge mystery fan but, the books are on my TBR list now. I was quite disappointed in this novel though. The characters were all dreadfully boring or wooden. Sherlock felt more like a filler than an actual detective and Mary was a bore. The ending felt juvenile and didn't seem like an ending had much thought put into it. I was surprised that there were no surprises or twists but, a straightforward runaway storyline. This was my first book of the series and maybe this book was a dud but, I am in no rush to find out.

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