Friday, September 18, 2020

Book Reviewv - The Real McCoys: Two's a Crowd by Matthew Swanson

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A new mystery is brewing at Tiddlywhump Elementary, and it's up to the McCoy sibling detectives to help. Moxie and Milton are complete opposites of each other but, together they will need to work to solve the mystery.

Emily, Moxie's friend, receives a letter signed with a purple squiggle. Then other kids start receiving more letters along with questions such as, Who sent them? And why?

While the problem-solving duo is on the case if they can only learn to get along better. When their partnership is torn apart, Moxie tries to solve the mystery being the Squiggles first. Will Moxie be able to solve the case without Milton? Or will she realize that two McCoys are better than one?

The book was a fun and cute read. I found Moxie to be a bit much at times but, I am glad that she can grow and realize her mistakes. I liked the drawings and found them to be entertaining. I am not the target audience for this book but, I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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