Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Book Review - The Patient by Jasper DeWitt

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Parker H. is a young psychiatrist who finds a new job at a mental asylum in New England. He decides to undertake the curing of a dangerous patient that everyone else in the asylum avoids. He begins to chronicle his journey through a series of online posts. Parker hopes to communicate with the world on his struggles and efforts on helping the patient.

The patient is a forty-year-old man who was originally admitted to the hospital at the age of six for night terrors. However, the patient currently has no known diagnosis. His symptoms keep evolving and every person who attempted to help treat him ends up driven to madness or suicide.

The hospital directors are desperate but, fear for Parker's safety. They allow him to be confined to the patient's room and have minimal contact with him. They are worried that if they release the patient to the outside world, that there will be terrible consequences. Parker is confident that he will be the person who will help cure the patient. However, it becomes very clear that after his first encounter with the patient, things start spiraling out of control.

The novel was an interesting and engrossing read. I finished the entire book in one sitting and it was just too good to put down. Some of the characters were more well defined than others. For example, Parker's wife, Jocelyn seemed like an afterthought. Parker was considered a genius and brilliant but, I sometimes question some of his behaviors. However, all in all, I still found the novel to be a suspenseful read with a bit of a supernatural twist.

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