Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Book Review - The Edge of Belonging by Amanda Cox


Ivy Rose returns home after she receives news of her grandmother passing. She organizes an estate sale for her grandmother's things but, she realizes her grandmother left her a key to unlocking Ivy's adoption. Ivy tries to find the truth about her past but, she realizes she is missing an important piece of the mystery.

 Twenty-four years earlier, Harvey James is out scavenging the highway for abandoned things he can use. He stumbles upon an abandoned newborn who gives him a sense of human connection that he has never had. He wants to take care of the child because of his own past abandonment. However, he struggles with taking care of the child because he is homeless. Two people see Harvey struggling and are trying to help Harvey find his way. Harvey is afraid of letting them in before he ends up losing the baby.

I enjoyed reading the emotional read. I actually found myself drawn to Harvey's storyline than the Ivy in the present day. I thought it was a change of pace that a male character found a child and went to extreme lengths to care for and protect her. I found it enjoyable on finding out the thread that connected all the characters. The book showed readers that not all family bonds are made by blood. 

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