Thursday, November 12, 2020

November 2020 Empties!




Ahh, I can't believe the holiday season is among us! It just felt like a few weeks ago summer was beginning. I finished a few things this month but, nothing noteworthy enough to be excited over or to get again. Surprisingly, I didn't finish that many sheet masks either.

I tried this new fresh clean coconut and the cleanser was meh. The texture was unappealing. It looked like spoiled milk. However, it did remove most of my makeup including my mascara leaving minimal traces behind. I have ordered from Yves Rocher mostly because their free gifts. I do like their shower gels but, I wasn't a fan of their Lime scent. It reminded me a little too much of floor cleaner. I had bought the C.Booth Milk Bath and Shower Cleanser during a sale at Ulta and it has floral milky scent. I liked that a small amount of cleanser provides a generous amount of bubbles and foam.

I did try a new clay mask - I'm Beet Facial Clay Mask. It was a little messy since I had to mix the mask myself. Hopefully, next month I have more interesting empties!

 Here are things I finished -

Avette Fresh Clean Coconut Mild Foam Cleanser
Yves Rocher Jardins Du Monde
C.Booth Milk Bath and Shower Cleanser
Lollia Breathe Peony and White Lily Finest Perfumed Soap
The Medius Heart Eye Patch
Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse
h20+ Beauty Aquadefense Refining Matcha Detox Mask
Chapstick Total Hydration
I'm Beet Facial Clay Mask
Hanalei Lychee Face Mask
Botanic Bouquet Dry Shampoo Scent Stick Rose
Sur.Medic+ Bright Glutathione Mask
Biobelle #Lightup Brighten Skin
Aromafloria Feet's Sake Spa Foot Scrub


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