Monday, June 14, 2021

Book Review - The Perfect Nanny by Leïla Slimani


Myriam wants more out of life than just being the primary caretaker of her children. They decided that they will look for a nanny for their son and daughter so, that Myriam can return to work as a lawyer. They ecstatic when they find Louise who is the perfect nanny. She is quiet, polite, and devoted to the children. As the months pass by,  the family finds themselves more dependent on each other which leads to jealousy, resentment, and tensions.

I was excited to read this book as it sounded so promising. Unfortunately, this book was a complete and utter fail. The book kept switching point of views and had so many random details that added nothing to the story. I am still struggling to understand if there was even a story. This book felt like a jumbled mess of random and pointless details.

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