Saturday, June 19, 2021

Book Review - Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson


Amy Whey is happy with her easy going life and the simple things that come with it. She enjoys teaching people how to dive, helping her best friend, Charlotte, run a local book club, and even baking cookies for her neighbors. She adores her family. She has a husband who is a professor, a fifteen year stepdaughter, and an infant son. She lives near her most trusted and reliable friend, Charlotte. However, Amy's perfect life might unravel when a new neighbor, Angelica Roux, arrives on her doorstep.

Roux has a magnetic charm that cause all the neighbor women to surround her. She plies the woman with wine to lure them into a game of spilling secrets to each other. They all think its a game for fun but Amy knows that Roux is up to something.  Roux seems to know a secret that Amy has kept buried in her past.

Roux has a proposition for Amy. She wants Amy to pay her to keep her mouth shut, otherwise, Roux will make Amy pay for her sins. Amy is desperate to keep her secret safe and she is willing to do anything. She decides that the best thing she can do is to beat Roux at her own game.

This book was recommended by someone in my book club. I was excited to read it but, I quickly realized this may not be the book for me. The book starts off okay but, then quickly dissolved into a hot mess. I didn't really care for any of the characters as some of them felt over the top. I had hard time believing Roux and the plot even felt far-fetched. I felt like a few times Amy could have ended this whole cat and mouse thing sooner. The book did have a few surprise twists but, I am not even sure they were worth it.

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