Saturday, July 31, 2021

August 2021 Haul!


Yay, it's August that means only a few more months until my beloved Fall arrives. I am 100% done with this hot weather and can't wait for some cool evenings. This month I went completely overboard and bought tons of stuff. And as per usual, I finished 4 things :D

I got some generic looking Korean hand cream that looked fun and they were only $5 a tube. They came in vanilla, shea butter, honey matcha, lavender, and  sweet citrus. They seemed like a cheap way to brighten up a day. I like Margot Elena's products because of their pretty packaging and unique scents. I love their willow & water line and bought another shower gel from them. I love Rituals shower gel and bought their new (to me) Express Your Soul shower gel. I like using shower gels during the warmer months because of their scents and it feels refreshing.

I got a bunch of new MAC lipsticks that I am really excited to use. I got Give Me Fever, Sweetie and E for Effortless. I love Tarte Sugar Rush collection so, I decided to try their Strawberry lip glaze. I love Charlotte Tilbury's packaging and the name of this lipstick - Bond Girl. I am going to save it for most daring and sultry sweat pants wearing days. I heard so many good things about this IG popular brand - Dragun Beauty, that I got two lip products. I got Dragun blood and a really dark red which I can't make out the color name, I got this beautiful Huda Matte lipstick in Bawse. I am not sure why I keep buying so many lip products and I haven't finished a single color lip product other than one lip balm this year. I guess some people go to therapy, I buy lipstick. 

I been reading a lot lately and slouching which has been leading to back pains. I am so excited to try this CBD rub with Kopari. I have tried other CBD rubs and loved them. I got this new facial oil from Farmacy that I am excited to try. I got this weird but cool salmon cream (!!) by Byroe. I got a bunch of things I can't wait to try.

Is there anything you got recently that you love?

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