Saturday, August 21, 2021

August 2021 Haul Part 2!


I am happy to say that August is out of the door along with it's hot weather. I am really looking forward to the Fall and the amazing cool weather. I didn't go too crazy this haul because I haven't been finishing too much stuff. And I am really trying super hard to de-clutter my apartment but, yet I still order more things!

I got quite a few samples from orders I did and with GWP. I am really excited to try the Playa shampoo and conditioner set along with Davines samples. I already owned the full size of the Davines but, I enjoy the Oi line. I love Cake Beauty and so when I saw their Milk Made hand cream on sale, I had to get another. Their products have a decadent sweet taste that reminds me of...well..cake :) They smell so delicious it's hard not try and lick your hand.

I got two new products from Green Rhapsody that I am super excited to try. I got a marine hydrator and the bottle looks so cute. I am curious what is floating in the bottle. The Good Earth is a clay mask and I love me a good clay mask. I got this new serum from Somme Institute and I am excited because I love trying new serums. I thought the minimalist packaging was interesting because they don't  write the brand's name on the bottle but only the small copyright available.

I got this new jelly mask by Acure that I am really excited to use it. It has a pretty pink color. I got this lip flip from Estee Lauder from Turn Down. I got this new lip mousse from this brand called Absolute in Pin Up. I heard many great things about this affordable brand and I am super excited they opened a store in NYC.

Did you get anything new this month that you are excited to try this month?

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